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Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel

NGO created in 1991, AMSS took over from AFSC (Le Service Quaker) which had been operating since 1975 to support populations affected by drought through emergency aid and rehabilitation. From 1992, AMSS began to implement actions through the Goundam community development program. Subsequently, AMSS embarked on a process of diversification of interventions and even of partnership from 2001.
After two decades of consecutive droughts, faced with the constant deterioration of the ecosystem and the irreversible advance of the desert, faced with illiteracy, poverty and an unfavorable international situation, it is becoming more and more necessary and urgent that all the goodwill of the country is mobilized and organized to help our populations take charge of their own development with a view to improving their living conditions. International solidarity can only be a support for our own efforts. It is with this in mind that an apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit association was born, called: Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel (AMSS)

Bamako: +223 20 20 27 28   

Timbuktu: +223 21 92 10 48 

Gao: +223 66 02 33 50 

Mopti: +223 62 18 22 80 


The Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel (AMSS is a national non-governmental organization created in 1991 and which promotes and supports sustainable solutions to the problems of vulnerable people in northern Mali through a transversal approach to governance and construction of the peace.


It has its headquarters in Timbuktu in the 6th region. Since 1992, she has been active in the North through the implementation of various development and humanitarian projects and programs covering several areas including assistance to populations affected by conflicts through actions including food security, education, governance, economic recovery, drinking water supply and sanitation, emergency assistance and social cohesion.

The plan is implemented by a very well structured and organized staff within AMSS  

  • —A Director of Programs 

  • -From  Project administrators 

  • —An Accounting Manager 

  • —Concept coordinators 

  • —A Database Manager 

  • —SSA / P, S3A-AA Supervisors / EPC group leaders / Community Coordinators

  • —Center leaders 

  • —Support staff (CAP).

From 2014 to 2017, the AMSS continues to fight for the achievement of the results assigned per year to make it possible to win the bet of education for all. Thus, the achievement of results by AMSS and the capacity building of the staff of the NGO by its technical and financial partners have become priority axes in this partnership. 

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