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Project  Mali Justice Project (MJP)



  1. Location  :

The program covers 6 municipalities in the circles of Goundam  and Timbuktu in the Timbuktu region  : Douekiré, Doukouria, Goundam, Alafia, Bourem Inaly and Tombouctou.


2.  Budget  : 89.000.000FCFA 
3. Results expected by the program  :

The expected results of the project are presented by specific objectives.

Overall objective  is to facilitate access to justice for citizens of the Timbuktu region.

Specific objective 1  : Improve the level of knowledge of citizens of the project intervention areas on initiatives for equitable access to justice.

Specific objective 2  : Develop strategies for redressing the rights of women, children and other victims of violence.

The expected results of the project  :

Result 1  .1: The capacities of citizens of the project intervention areas are strengthened on access to justice

Result 1.2  : Citizens participate in all initiatives for access to justice.

Outcome 2.1  : Women, children and other victims of violence have obtained redress for their grievances.

4. Results achieved by  program  :

The  following results were achieved by the project  : 

  • The signing of the partnership contract with MJP

  • Staff recruitment

  • Training of AMSS staff on administrative / financial procedures and the MJT project monitoring-evaluation approach

  • The launch at the regional level

  • Sensitization / information to communities on the importance of setting up coordinated community responses and a referral and information mechanism in six municipalities

  • Presentation of the project at municipal level by AMSS agents

  • The establishment  coordinated community responses and referral and information mechanism in six municipalities

  • Training of community relays on civil status, land law and the functioning mechanisms of judicial institutions in the municipalities  : Goundam, Alafia, Bourem Inaly, Douékiré  Timbuktu and Doukouria

  • Contractualization with  8 partner radio stations from the circles of Timbuktu and Goundam for the dissemination of messages and the organization of radio debates on issues of access to justice (using a partnership protocol)

  • Workshop to strengthen the synergy of action with the justice services and other stakeholders for the legal support of victims in all the municipalities of intervention

  • Identification and capitalization of best customary and religious practices promoting reconciliation and living together in the municipalities of intervention

  • Quarterly activity monitoring mission by the field coordinator

  • Organization of monthly meetings with program officers


5. Partner: USAID / Checchi consulting


6. Beneficiaries  :

The direct beneficiaries of project support are  women, children, young people, displaced / returnees, vulnerable people, the disabled, community leaders, religious (all faiths combined), notables.

  Indirect targets  are the members of associations / cooperatives of women, young people, communities and the technical services of the State.

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