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AMSS Principles and Values

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The goals

The initiation and implementation, in collaboration with the populations, communities and administrative authorities, of projects to ensure the promotion and development of basic initiatives as well as the design and execution of all actions contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of the country.

Means of action

The means of action of the association are essentially based on the mobilization of human and financial resources, collaboration with national or external organizations pursuing the same goals as well as a close relationship with the political and administrative authorities.


A national NGO decided  to be operational in the Sahel regions with partial autonomy, competent and stable human resources which contribute significantly to improving the living conditions of the targets.

Anchor 1

Promote the involvement and mobilization of local actors in the process of change in Mali. Participate in information and education for women and support all actions relating to the promotion and defense of the rights of women and children.

Provide advisory support for the economic, social and cultural promotion of local actors.

Priority Objectives

Become a viable and operational professional organization in the field of socio-economic support and promotion of grassroots communities  ; Facilitate the emergence of groups of rural and urban citizens by strengthening their mobilization capacities for their rights and duties  ;

Develop technical and methodological support to communities for the implementation of projects and programs  ;

Promote and support activities to improve the living conditions of women  ;

To invest in information, education and training of marginalized groups so that they participate in the process of local and national development.

Strategic axes of intervention

Support for literacy activities and educational innovations.

Support for training, organization and exchanges support for micro-projects access to basic social services (health, education, hydraulics, food security).

Gender-based violence.

The management of natural resources,

Peace / security,

Countering violent extremism

Emergency relief,


Our Targets

Individuals (women, youth, adults, leaders, children).

Groups, associations and collectives (of young people, women, etc.).

Groups of collectives, associations and women's networks, local authorities (at 3 levels).

Deconcentrated technical services.

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