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Word from the Director of Programs

AMSS Director of Programs


The Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel (AMSS) is a national bedside organization according to HAP (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership) standards.

From its creation to the present day, it has worked for the well-being of grassroots communities through a rights-based, participatory and inclusive approach. Two elements underpin AMSS interventions  :  the development and design of projects at community level and their submission to technical and financial partners  ;  participation in calls for tenders from international organizations.

Also, it seems opportune to me to point out that as part of our constant desire to better serve our partners of all kinds through a system of continuous learning, we have deemed it useful to open up to the global web.

To conclude, I would like to thank the various partners of AMSS for their constant support and their desire to see AMSS become an emerging structure through great visibility and readability.

Good luck to this crucible of giving and receiving.

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