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Project to improve access to water and hygiene conditions for populations affected by the crisis in the regions of Timbuktu and Taoudéni 



  1. Location  :

Timbuktu region

Circle  from Goundam: 

Municipalities: Tilemsi, Adarmalane, Gargando, Aldjounoub, Goundam, Tonka, Doukouria, Razelma, Tin Aicha and  Essakane.

Circle of Gourma Rharous: 

Municipalities: Inadjatafane, Rharous, Séréré and Hamzakoma

Circle of Diré: 

Municipalities: Tinguereguif, Garbakoira and Haibongo.

Circle of Niafunké

Municipalities: Soboundou and Soumpi

Circle of Timbuktu

Municipalities: Lafia, Alafia, Bourem-inaly

Taoudenit region (Taoudenit, Salam)

​2.  Budget: 121  894  000F CFA
3. Results expected by the program  :
  • 42 communities have functional water points thanks to the construction / rehabilitation works of PMH and SHVA

  •   50 communities are provided with functional water points thanks to small repairs to handpumps.

  • The management structures for 92 water points are created or revitalized in order to ensure the sustainability of the structures, full community support for the project and good hygiene and sanitation practices adopted through social intermediation activities.

  • 64  275 inhabitants are affected by the project

4. Results achieved by the  program  :

Construction of 32 boreholes, 31 of which are equipped with SHVA, the rehabilitation of 05 PMH and 01 SHVA in schools and communities in the circles of Goundam, Dire and Niafunké in the Timbuktu region.

Construction of 9 new productive boreholes including 8 equipped with PMH and 1 SHVA, rehabilitation of 8 PMH and 1 SHVA in the circles of Timbuktu, Rharous-Gourma and the region of Taoudeni (Salam commune).

The impact of animation and awareness sessions, radio messages on the good  knowledge of good hygiene practices is felt in the daily lives of the populations as the actions are carried out. The number of people affected by the activities are around 75  081people including  39  296 women, 25  421 men and 10,364 children.

  • Food safety days are held regularly in 88 sites throughout the year

  • 264 IEC sessions  were organized,

  • 59 funds of the management bodies are supplied  and functional,

  • 78 management delegation contracts  are signed between the managers of the water points and the municipalities benefiting from the project

  • 92 water point managers are trained in the administrative and financial management of hydraulic structures

  • 5 radio stations have benefited from a contract for the editing and broadcasting / rebroadcasting of hygiene messages due to one radio station per circle.

5. Partners and their contributions  : UNICEF


6. Beneficiaries  :


64  275  inhabitants of the intervention municipalities of the Cercle de Tombouctou (Lafia, Alafia and Bourem-Inaly),  of the Cercle de Goundam (Tilemsi, Adarmalane, Gargando, Aldjounouba, Goundam, Tonka, Doukouria, Razelma, Tin Aicha and  Essakane.),  of  Circle of Gourma Rharous (Inadjatafane, Rharous and Hamzakoma),  the Cercle de Dire (Tinguereguif, Garbakoira and Haibongo) and the Cercle de Niafunké (Soboundou and Sompi). And the Taoudéni Region.

Projet Wash a Tombouctou et Taoudenit
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