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Word from the President of  Board of directors


Chairman of the AMSS Board of Directors


The Malian Association for Survival in the Sahel (AMSS) by opening this internet portal hopes to create an opening on itself to make itself known on the one hand and on the other hand, to receive  its partner admirers and researchers of  »E all orders of suggestions and recommendations for  improve its own governance and activities aimed at grassroots populations. Improving the living conditions of  populations constitutes the priesthood of our organization born during the tumultuous years of 1991-1992 but heir to the very rich centenary experience of the famous American non-governmental organization (American  Friends Service  Commette in English and Quaker Service in French) from which it originates. The AMSS ensures the continuity of this organization which constitutes one of the first international organizations  intervened in Mali during the great drought of 1973 experienced by the Sahel countries in general and Mali in particular.

Good luck at the opening of the site for a fruitful exchange of experiences with a view to a win-win partnership.

Long live international solidarity through this information and communication highway aimed at improving the living conditions of populations in a world in love with peace and justice.

Thank you!

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